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Fifteen Years of Blogging

Fifteen years ago today, I started keeping a blog here. I haven’t maintained a steady stream of updates over the last decade and a half. I’m working on my plan for 2015. I’m not going to lay out any specifics, though. I’ve done that before and it’s really fucking boring to keep doing it over […]

Four Years of Digeum Mix Sessions

A little more than four years ago, Jay Def and I started posting our mixes on, about three years after an abandoned attempt to start a podcast. This set of mixes, dubbed Digeum Mix Sessions reached the grand finale of Volume 8 (26 mixes, A – Z, per volume) yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, in downtown […]

A Dozen Years of Blogging

Today is the twelve year anniversary of this blog. I’ve said very few things here that anybody outside of a very small group of people would find very interesting. I am refactoring the way I handle my blogs and my twitter accounts. I tend to post boring things on an almost obsessive-compulsive schedule. It’s lazy […]

Three Years of Mixing

It’s been three years since Jay Def helped me launch Digeum Mix Sessions. Of all the blogs I post to, I’ve kept up with that one with nearly religious adherence, both to my weird little schedule and to the timely posts that bring that music to all five of our listeners (heh). In three years, […]

Eleven Years at the Oracle of Apollo

Seems like only yesterday that we made note of the ten year anniversary of this site. Here it is, another year later. My resolution this year is to average at least a post a week. Lots have happened in my life since I started this blog on January 1, 2000. There have been gaps and […]

Digeum Mix Session 04S

Today’s mix, full of vocal tracks, featured a bunch of flanger play (again). I had a lot of fun putting this together. I wanted to play a set of fun songs that clocked in just under the CD burn limit. I hope this collection of deep house grooves gets your head nodding. Digeum Mix Sessions […]

Digeum Mix Session 04Q

I upgraded to Traktor Pro the other day. After a couple of fumbled attempts to get started this evening, I stopped trying to mix without sync and tried to get the hang of this new software. Fortunately, I picked out a small group of tech house and electro tracks that should be pretty easy to […]

Digeum Mix Session 04M

I was feeling a little disco today, so I decided to throw together a short little mix. We’ve got soulful grooves and punchy funky tracks. It’s a fun little mix of house music for the middle of May. I hope you like it. Digeum Mix Sessions – Volume 04, Session Mike — The Ides of […]

Peter the MacBook Mechanic

Last week, I got a new right fan for my MacBook Pro, which has been having crash problems for most of 18 months, possibly because the right fan hasn’t worked at all for a long time. I’m pretty used to seeing temperatures, according to smcFanControl, of 165 – 185°F. So, after some frustration, I found […]

Two Years of CrossFit

This afternoon marks two years since I switched my training program to CrossFit. While I still don’t have a barbell and bumper plates, I’m making progress on plenty of my fitness goals and I’m in better shape now than I’ve been since I was 20 years old. Hopefully, soon, I’ll add that barbell to my […]

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