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RIP Steve Jobs

I’m unbelievably sorry, Steve, that I haven’t lived up to my passions and potential. With your passing, I feel like I have more of an impetus to run down my dreams with the gas pedal on the floor, like you did with every breath of your life. I’ve seen your Stanford commencement about 12 times, […]

Upgrading to Traktor Pro

This month, Native Instruments is running a deal by which I could upgrade Traktor from version 3 to the new Traktor Pro for half price. This made my upgrade less than $45. Tonight, I took it for a little test spin and noticed immediately how drastically different many of the controls are. For one, my […]

Tumblrize for WordPress

Recently, I discovered and installed Tumblrize for WordPress. I think it’s a neat idea, since I have a tumblr blog with 17 followers. I have no idea why photobloggers who post pictures of cute, fashionable girls are following me, but I’ll take all the readers I can get. I do have a couple of nits […]

Peter the MacBook Mechanic

Last week, I got a new right fan for my MacBook Pro, which has been having crash problems for most of 18 months, possibly because the right fan hasn’t worked at all for a long time. I’m pretty used to seeing temperatures, according to smcFanControl, of 165 – 185°F. So, after some frustration, I found […]

Wedding DJ Preparation

So, over the last week or so, I’ve been shoring up the playlist for my buddy’s wedding. I have a big bin of wedding staples, including a ridiculous amount of disco, funk, pop, and soul. According to iTunes, I could play continuously for 18 hours without playing the same track twice. That should suffice. Early […]

Digeum Mix Session 02E

Jay Def and I got together on my last day on my Spring Break Road Trip to hang out, eat some grub, and throw down our first tag team mix since December. It’s always really fun to hang out with Jay and mixing beats with him is a real pleasure. Jay takes risks with his […]

Digeum Mix Session 02D

During my recent road trip to the Northwest, I decided to throw down a mix in my hotel room in Seattle after a long day of driving across parts of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. I decided to slide the tempo down to 123 bpm and play a nice, laid-back deep house mix. I really like […]

Digeum Mix Session 02B

Today’s a rest day, so I threw some tracks into @mix-bin, recorded a voiceover in Logic, and set the tempo to 125 beats per minute. Away we go. I started out with some Jay Tripwire tracks that I just grabbed recently from eMusic and ran through a bunch of electro tracks. Some of them were […]

Digeum Mix Session 02A

After my blood donation this afternoon, I got everything in my studio all ready with a fresh set of tracks in @mix-bin. While I still haven’t figured out how to get Traktor to “hear” my microphone, I discovered that Logic Pro is more than happy to let me record my own voice, process the hell […]

Digeum Mix Session 01Z

It’s about time to close out Digeum Volume 01. Today’s a rest day, so I jumped on the bullet train, ate my chow, and got all set up. I mixed up a set of grooves that started out in electro territory and wandered into my beloved jazzy deep house. I tried to play tracks that […]

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