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Three Years of Mixing

It’s been three years since Jay Def helped me launch Digeum Mix Sessions. Of all the blogs I post to, I’ve kept up with that one with nearly religious adherence, both to my weird little schedule and to the timely posts that bring that music to all five of our listeners (heh). In three years, […]

Barbell and Bumpers

This afternoon, Eric and I got together to move his barbell and 260 pounds of rubber bumpers to my garage. They were stored in the garage of a relative, among a bunch of other stored items. He wasn’t able to use them sequestered in there. My garage is newly empty and freshly cleaned out by […]

Digeum Mix Session 04P

Jay Def works up another lip-curling tech house mix, full of filthy basslines and tough beats. This three-hour mix has that underground warehouse party feel, when a new DJ takes over at 2 and inches us closer to dawn. Hell yes, Jay. Nicely done! Digeum Mix Sessions – Volume 04, Session Pap — Blip Beat […]

Digeum Mix Session 04O

Today felt like an opportunity to make a friend smile. So, I pulled together some of my favorite vocal house tracks, filled out with artists like Dubtribe Sound System, Jay Tripwire, Lisa Shaw, and Samantha James. This one’s for Amanda, my smiling friend who is always excited about everything. Keep dancing, Amanda. I hope you […]

Digeum Mix Session 04N

Jay Def takes no prisoners in this fist-pumping set of tech house gems. For just over two hours, he delivers twerky synths, gritty basses, and beats that makes you go “UNH.” Each track is carefully chosen. Some of them are stomping, and some of them are goofy and hilarious. One of them spins into an […]

Digeum Mix Session 04L

It was Jay‘s turn to drop a Digeum Mix. He pinged me by email to let me know he was throwing it down. This time, he wandered, for the first time in Volume 04, into house territory. He calls it “Lazy Saturday Afternoon”, but it’s anything but that. This mix stomps hard, a street-hardened set […]

Building Parallettes

My friend, Eric, came over today to work on homemade CrossFit tools. The original plan was to build a few medicine balls, which we would build out of rubber basketballs, playground balls, sand, and duct tape. We also decided to build a pair of parallettes each, per Greg Glassman’s instructions. After a visit to Orchard […]

Digeum Mix Session 04J

Today’s Jay Def‘s birthday. So, I decided to warm up the old VCI-100 with a marathon mix as a gift to my best friend. I picked out a bunch of electro tracks, ranging from minimal techno to chunky beats. I decided to deliver one track for each candle on his birthday cake. At 39 tracks […]

Digeum Mix Session 04E

Jay Def delivers a third straight drum & bass mix — this time with a take-no-prisoners attitude, full of punchy percussion, throbbing bass lines, and threatening danger. If you like your breaks heavy and aggressive, but not hyper-active, with a little menace, this is your mix. At just over 71 minutes, it’s just long enough […]

Digeum Mix Session 04C

Jay Def, in addition to being my best friend, is one person whose DJ mixes I always look forward to with nearly breathless anticipation. He’s been really going gangbusters on the drum & bass lately. His new mix is nearly two hours of funky and atmospheric drum & bass. There are vocal tracks here, full […]

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