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Returning to the Water

Today, for the first time in about 23 years, I got back in the water. After a grueling week a few weeks ago, I managed to acquire plantar fasciitis in my right foot, an inflammation of the tissue that connects my heel with the ball of my foot. Since I was used to running a […]

Barbell and Bumpers

This afternoon, Eric and I got together to move his barbell and 260 pounds of rubber bumpers to my garage. They were stored in the garage of a relative, among a bunch of other stored items. He wasn’t able to use them sequestered in there. My garage is newly empty and freshly cleaned out by […]

Building Parallettes

My friend, Eric, came over today to work on homemade CrossFit tools. The original plan was to build a few medicine balls, which we would build out of rubber basketballs, playground balls, sand, and duct tape. We also decided to build a pair of parallettes each, per Greg Glassman’s instructions. After a visit to Orchard […]

CrossFit Workout 500

Has it been 500 workouts already? This evening’s barrage of evil is my 500th since I started doing the workout of the day. After missing a bunch of days last summer, I locked it back down and focused on hitting it every day. Tomorrow marks 200 workouts in a row without unscheduled missed days. I’m […]

Two Years of CrossFit

This afternoon marks two years since I switched my training program to CrossFit. While I still don’t have a barbell and bumper plates, I’m making progress on plenty of my fitness goals and I’m in better shape now than I’ve been since I was 20 years old. Hopefully, soon, I’ll add that barbell to my […]

Watch the Gauge of the Bar

Hey, CrossFitters: Just a helpful piece of advice I wish I’d known before tonight’s workout. Make sure that, if you’re doing pullups at a local park or school playground, the gauge of the bar isn’t too narrow, whether you’re wearing gloves or not. Pinching your calluses is easier on a narrower bar. Doing pullups on […]

Elite Rings

The other day, I ordered a new piece of equipment, a pair of Elite Rings. They arrived today, two days after I ordered them. Each ring comes with a strap, about 20 feet long, with a slip-proof buckle. After I unboxed the rings, I set them up in my doorway, hanging from a Door Gym […]

50 in a Row

Nothing feels quite like hitting a milestone. This evening’s 5K run was my 50th CrossFit workout of the day of the year. That’s 50 of 50. So far, in 2009, I’ve done 100% of the assigned workouts of the day with no misses. Next month, I’m taking a road trip for Spring Break, but I’m […]

CrossFit – February 2009

Of the 21 workouts of the day assigned in February, I have completed 21. On nine of those workouts, I turned in performances that surprised me, including my first sub-10 minute Fran, a ridiculous performance on the pullup bar, a crazy workout in the rain that involved kayaking gear, and a dozen-round Cindy. I’m no […]

CrossFit Day 200

Today, I reached another milestone—my 200th CrossFit workout of the day. Sadly, Day 100 was a little more than 11 months ago. Blowing off your workouts isn’t good. But, that’s in the past. Let’s see what we’re up to today: For time: 120 pullups 120 dips In August, I did this one for the first […]

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