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Jun 10, 2010 - 21:06

Fitness, Friends

Barbell and Bumpers

This afternoon, Eric and I got together to move his barbell and 260 pounds of rubber bumpers to my garage. They were stored in the garage of a relative, among a bunch of other stored items. He wasn’t able to use them sequestered in there. My garage is newly empty and freshly cleaned out by the people tearing up my house.

All the equipment fit in my car. The plates vary in weight from ten pounds to forty-five. Everything’s brand new. So, we set up in my garage gym and got down to business with the first workout.

The workout of the day today was five rounds of five rep sets of the deadlift. I figured it would behoove me to start light to make sure I had the form right. I started out at 135, finished the fifth set at 205, and tried one at 235. Eric, on the other hand, started where I left off and finished with all the plates on the bar (305).

So, it looks like I can do barbell work in my garage. Now, all I need is a bench and a set of squat stands. Thumbs up for new gear.

Thanks, Eric!

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