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Sep 01, 2011 - 16:09

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Three Years of Mixing

It’s been three years since Jay Def helped me launch Digeum Mix Sessions. Of all the blogs I post to, I’ve kept up with that one with nearly religious adherence, both to my weird little schedule and to the timely posts that bring that music to all five of our listeners (heh).

In three years, we’ve uploaded 156 mixes. That’s ten days of music, played continuously. I don’t know how long we’ll keep this up, but it is quite a bit of fun. I hope we’re offering up mixes that some of you enjoy.

My goals for my contributions to Digeum over the next year:

  1. Spend, at most, three hours a week on a regular basis on Digeum — selecting tracks, doing the voiceover, doing the mix, uploading it and announcing it. This will prevent time gaps that cause multiple mixes in the same week.
  2. Figure out how to increase the audience for this project. It’s quite fun, especially when I’m mixing one of my own songs into a track by an artist I really admire.
  3. Concentrate on writing as many new tracks as possible, focusing on preparing for a live set of all original music.
  4. Pick a night of the week to do the weekly Digeum mix, just for my own scheduling purposes. (Not an unbreakable night, just a target for my own mixes.)

Tonight’s mix will be the inauguration of these goals. We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these mixes (and if you haven’t yet, they’re all available for download and there’s even a master list).

Three years seems like it passed in a flash. Thanks, Jay, for joining me on this amazing journal. Thanks, everyone else, for listening.

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