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Jay Def Visits California

This weekend, my best friend, Jay Def, flew down here to rainy, windy Northern California for a weekend of fun and hijinks. This afternoon, I took him to the airport. Jay lives in Idaho, but the only reasonably priced plane tickets we could find him required him to change planes in Phoenix. The weather in […]

Digeum Mix Session 02D

During my recent road trip to the Northwest, I decided to throw down a mix in my hotel room in Seattle after a long day of driving across parts of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. I decided to slide the tempo down to 123 bpm and play a nice, laid-back deep house mix. I really like […]

Spring Break Road Trip

I’ve just returned from a spring break road trip with my family. I spent a lot more money than I intended to and managed to get my first speeding ticket in more than a decade. Here are ten things we did which we enjoyed the most. Toured the Theo Chocolate factory in Seattle and learned […]

Goals for 2009

I set a couple of New Year’s Resolutions last year, which I didn’t get around to posting here. One of them was to write 52 tracks, which I finished. I slipped on a few others. So, I’m going to post my goals for 2009 in three categories: personal development, music, and fitness. You ready? Let’s […]

Digeum Mix Session 01T

Jay Def came over to my grandmother’s house to hang out on December 26, while I was in the area. While we’re both in the same place at the same time, we might as well throw down some beats, right? We shut the door of the family room, so as not to disturb my grandmother’s […]

Christmas 2008

Yay, Christmas. I’m still foggy on why it is that the price of gas has dropped by three dollars over the last four months, but my air fare to Boise is more expensive than it was last year. I guess that’s not the most important thing in the world to focus on, but I’m worried […]

Digeum Mix Session 01R

While I was on my recent road trip, I thought I’d be nifty to spin up a DJ set in Flagstaff, which I’ve dubbed “Soul at 7000 feet”. It consists of 75 minutes of deep soulful house music at 121 beats per minute. I tried to lay back on the groove and I think, despite […]

Road Trip to Arizona

Four days off for Thanksgiving! That seems like an excellent opportunity to get out of dodge. I decided to drive down to Southern California, pick up my friend, and take a short road trip to Phoenix and Flagstaff. Might as well see some new country, right? On Thursday, I took off bright an early in […]

Digeum Mix Session 01M

I went down to San Diego this weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday and explore a town I haven’t seen in 22 years or so. I had a great time hanging out with all the people I met down in Southern California. Since my recent Milwaukee set, I wanted to haul my Vestax along with […]

Digeum Mix Session 01L

On a quiet Monday morning on my last full day in Milwaukee, I looked out the window, plugged in my gear, and spun up a set of lovely tracks for Eric & Betsy. I really got into a nice groove and, while there were a couple of spots I wish I could do over, I […]

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