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Sep 09, 2012 - 21:09

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Four Years of Digeum Mix Sessions

A little more than four years ago, Jay Def and I started posting our mixes on, about three years after an abandoned attempt to start a podcast. This set of mixes, dubbed Digeum Mix Sessions reached the grand finale of Volume 8 (26 mixes, A – Z, per volume) yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, in downtown Boise, Idaho, we did a tag team mix for over two hours. Each of us debuted a brand new track. It was wonderful mixing with Jay again, laying down stomping electro house grooves with my best friend. It was our 208th mix in 209 weeks. This seems like as good a place as any to call a time out, especially since 208 is Idaho’s area code. Jay Def and I met in the 208. 208 mixes are on Digeum, featuring almost two weeks worth of music.

A few months ago, we discussed putting Digeum Mix Sessions on hiatus to figure out what’s next. With increasing commitments and projects in my future, it’ll be difficult to maintain the schedule we’ve held for the last four years. While I’m contemplating the future, I’ve really enjoyed these last four years. I’ve felt closer to the music than I have in years. I’m excited and optimistic about what’s next.

I’ve had a blast bringing this music to you every week. I’m really grateful to have shared this journey with Jay. Thank you, Jay. You’re the best.


Posted by
Jay Def
Nov 08, 2012 - 05:11

It was my pleasure to work with you over the last 4 years on this, Apollo. I’m excited to figure out what will happen next. Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into this, Apollo. It was awesome working with you on this.

Posted by
Apollo Lee
Nov 29, 2012 - 16:11

The pleasure was all mine, brother. Your mixes are always good for play after play. Thanks for everything, sir.

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