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Aug 11, 2006 - 14:08

Personal, Technology


After an eon of seeing the zippy wheel header and the same old Oracle for 18 months, I’ve finally decided that it was time to upgrade to WordPress 2.0. I’ve also installed K2, an AJAXy theme, which I’ll be configuring over the weekend. Change is good.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my website and this blog. I haven’t cared to update the site in quite some time (witness the large gaps and sparse posting lately). I’m considering deleting all of the back archives (because do you really want to go back and read all this to January 1, 2000, when I started doing this?).

I’ve been more and more involved in my music now than ever before and I’m awaiting yet another instrument in my growing arsenal. I’ve got several rough drafts that I’ve played for people and I’m still learning Logic, which I recently acquired.

Now, though, I’m on WordPress 2.0.4. I get Akismet, Widgets, and all this other niftiness. What do you think?

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