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Aug 01, 2006 - 08:08

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Giving Back Again

Last year around this time of year, I asked you all to donate to Seth Dillingham‘s ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge. I was having a great year last year and I already had 4,000 miles on my chart by the time July rolled around.

In July this year, I rode about 80 miles. I just haven’t been on my bike at all recently, due to staggering changes in my social life, my musical output, and the fact that I’m just not feeling it. So, I have decided that donating ten cents for every mile on my chart, when I haven’t updated my cycling statistics in a while. Last year, I put my money where my legs were.

This year, Seth is the alpha cyclist. So, I’m putting my money where his legs are. Today, I’m pledging ten cents for every mile on his chart. It’s not as big as last year, but it helps. According to his site, he has ridden 2,557.05 miles so far this year. So, I’m donating $255.71.

I am putting a call out, because it really is the zero hour. Please donate to his ride today. All of the proceeds for this magnificent event raise money for the Jimmy Fund at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Seth, I hope you reach your goal. Please accept my apology for having spaced it out this long.

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Seth Dillingham
Aug 01, 2006 - 15:08


No need to apologize! I really appreciate what you’re doing.

I should have tried a lot harder to raise my funds before the event. They allow some “slack”, but one way or another they get their money.

When I signed up, I committed to raising at least $3300. If I don’t, they take the balance out of my bank account, via the CC/debit number I gave them. ::gulp::

After the PMC, I’m going to have the Second Annual Really Great Code For a Cure Software Auction. Last year it did pretty well, this year I’m starting later but I know what I’m doing and have pretty high hopes.

Thanks again!


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