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May 14, 2005 - 21:05


Week 19

For the first time since early March, I had an utterly complete week in which I exceeded 100% of my chart (I’ve been riding Week 12 on that chart since rolling back).

This week was nice, but breezy. Although I did drive to work on three of the days, I still got more than all of my miles, especially with yesterday’s metric century. After crushing my best average speed on Thursday, I had hoped for a 30 kph (18.6 mph) average yesterday, but headwinds reminded me that I’m really kind of a wuss.

It does feel really nice to have mornings on which I can ride to work without my shell and heavy fleece tights. It feels doubly nice to have days where I’m not slogging home against a fierce headwind with an outside temperature of 59°F (15°C). Hopefully, this weather trend continues—minus the strong afternoon winds, of course.

09 May:  28.86 mi;  1:30:32 (19.1 mph avg; 30.5 mph max)
10 May:  29.18 mi;  1:35:13 (18.4 mph avg; 26.0 mph max)
11 May:  28.56 mi;  1:29:02 (19.2 mph avg; 34.5 mph max)
12 May:  28.54 mi;  1:24:25 (20.3 mph avg; 35.5 mph max) *
13 May:  31.29 mi;  1:39:15 (18.9 mph avg; 26.5 mph max)
14 May:  62.23 mi;  3:23:19 (18.4 mph avg; 35.5 mph max)
Total : 208.66 mi; 11:01:46 (18.9 mph avg; 35.5 mph max)

Month so far:  379.60 mi. 2005 so far : 2810.27 mi (56.21% of goal).
2005 goal   : 5000.00 mi.
Remaining   : 2189.73 mi (66.36 mi / wk avg)

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