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May 15, 2005 - 10:05



Lakshmana came up this afternoon after my ride to tag along to Salted. Due to my own difficulty getting moving again after the pizza and 62¼ mile bike ride, we didn’t get up to the club until about 11:15.

The crowd seemed quite heavily female tonight, at least for the first couple of hours. Miguel Migs was playing a wonderful deep house set. Julius Papp took over and continued the vibe with some great tracks—with obvious jazz, soul, funk, and disco influence. The dancefloor stayed full the entire evening.

The crowd was really fun tonight. Little pockets of people would end up near me on several occasions and I danced hard with pretty strangers who just wanted to see if they could get me to collapse in exhaustion. One of the people near me, a choral teacher, and I had a good conversation. I thought she was really cool and hope she emails me.

Vikter Duplaix, the headliner, ripped it up, starting with a set of minimal techno tracks that segued into funky Latin-influenced floor stompers. I’m going to have to see about getting one of his records.

After a while, I scooped up Lakshmana and we decided to take off about 3. I was soaked in sweat all the way down to my knees. Whew. What a great party.

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