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Sep 14, 2008 - 21:09

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Reamed by T-Mobile

So, this afternoon, I decided to wander into the T-Mobile store to square away my bill. I bought a new iPhone about six weeks ago, after I read that T-Mobile was reducing their early termination fee from $200 to $100 for customers whose contracts expire within 180 days.

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I found that the $200 early termination fee was still in place. They decided to charge me this because I had not made any changes to my contract after June 28. I find this completely dishonest and the fine print on the T-Mobile website that I looked at should have made this more clear.

I tried to talk to the representative on the phone, but they’re not going to budge. I was a T-Mobile customer for more than 5 years, but they don’t care. They just want to sell their crappy service and also-ran cellphones. I understand that.

So, if you’re a T-Mobile customer considering getting an iPhone, you’re probably going to want to wait, unless you’re ready to take a $200 thrust right in the brown ring. Had I known about this, I’d have waiting until January for a new iPhone.

Is there a class action lawsuit in progress? I’ll join!

Color me pissed. I could have spent that extra $200 on disco and condoms.

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