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Jan 13, 2008 - 05:01

Friends, Party, Play

Promsumating 2008

Tonight was Consumating‘s formal party, largish, formal consumeeting in san fran (formerly known as promsumating). The first time I went, in July 2006, I manned a kissing booth, breakdanced in my tuxedo, and ended up in the flickr photos of a bunch of people.

This time around, I wasn’t sure that I was going to go. I’ve been focused on getting in shape and I’ve been cranky and anti-social lately. I realized a few days ago that my reluctance to hang out with some of my friends in San Francisco doesn’t have anything at all to do with them. It’s time to stop being a hermit and get back out there and mingling.

I decided to rent a car for the weekend from a nearby rental agency, who hooked me up with a sweet new Nissan Altima. After pulling my pinstriped suit out of the closet, I found that I could wear it, although I bought it when I was about 30 pounds heavier. After refreshing my memory with a helpful video, I was properly dressed and ready to go.

I managed to get to San Francisco and arrive at the party around 11:30, slipped quietly toward the door, and started drawing the comments. The last time any of my friends saw me, I was 46 pounds heavier than I was this evening. The difference between how I looked then and how I look today is dramatic.

I only danced to two songs or so. I spent the rest of the time catching up with everyone. Oz was there, trusty cameras in hand, waiting to catch me stepping it out. I met Xeen, Art, Khaan, Pepper, and B-Manda, among other people. Everyone was all decked out in all their finery, there was dancing, posing, and late night coffee with the out-of-towners.

I had a blast. Now I’m getting the itch to hang out with all of these wonderful people a lot more.

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