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Jan 01, 2008 - 16:01

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Eight Years of the Oracle of Apollo

On this day in 2000, I started blogging on this site, the first post of which was about Planet New Year, which was the New Year’s Party that said goodbye to 1999.

There have been a couple of month-long or multi-month hiatuses here since then (and the archives here are incomplete, since I haven’t moved all of my 2001 – 2005 archives across from the old flat file system I used before I installed WordPress here almost two years ago), but I’ve been here fairly consistently over the last eight years. I’ll be sifting through the archives (and the flatfile archives locally) and trimming back the archive to the juiciest, most awesome posts. Once in a while we have to do some house cleaning, right?

This year, I’m starting a couple of new blogging projects, including a music composition/production blog. I am hoping to build some audience here, too. I know some of you read this site, and I know that some of the things I write about are not of interest to everybody. Of all the bloggers who have been at it as long as I have, I probably have the smallest audience.

For those of you who have read my inane babblings over any portion of the past eight years, I thank you for your interest. I’m going to try to make it a point to post more interesting things in 2008. What kinds of things do you find interesting?

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Happy New Year and may 2008 blow your mind.

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