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Dec 31, 2007 - 18:12


CrossFit Day 72

Today’s workout was Helen, a “girl” workout, named for the face that launched a thousand ships. I’ve done this once before, just over a month ago. This time, I’m doing kipping pullups, instead of the jumping negative pullups I did last time. This will give me 36 honest-to-goodness real pullups in one workout. To review, here’s today’s dance:

3 rounds for time:

  1. 425 m run (that’s about the distance I went around the park)
  2. 21 kettlebell swings (35 pound KB)
  3. 12 pullups

After each round, I took one minute of rest before beginning the next round. This worked out pretty well, even when I hit the wrong button on my stopwatch and blanked it. Fortunately, I have a surprisingly accurate memory and could pause, rethink the numbers through, and get very close to the actual numbers.

The pullups were the sets that took the longest, by far. In fact, in most of the rounds, it took me longer to do the pullups than it took to do the whole rest of the workout. In the first round, I did singles, because I’m still working out the rhythm required to keep my momentum swinging into multiples. In the second round, I did five singles, two sets of doubles, and a set of three. In the third round, I did a bunch of singles and a few doubles–not counting the two where I got my nose to the bar (those would be fails).

My goal for this workout was 30 minutes, because I expected the pullups to take much longer than they did. I managed to pull off the whole shebang in 28:02, which is the same time that it took me to run 3.35 miles the other day. I was 8 minutes slower than my last Helen, but I did jumping pullups then and real ones this time. So, I’m considering this a personal best.

My rounds:

  1. 8:54
  2. 9:46
  3. 9:22

My results: 28:02, 7:23 zone (hard); HR: 166 avg, 185 max; 396 cal

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