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Oct 19, 2007 - 22:10


CrossFit Day 24

Today’s workout was shocking. But, there it was in black and white: Run 10 K. Didn’t we just do that a few days ago? Well, gosh. Can he do it again?

It was forecast to rain once again this evening. After procrastinating after getting home, I suited up in my rain gear and drove over to the park. It was quite a bit warmer than I thought it’d be this evening. After leaving the jacket behind on the bleacher, I started my step around the track, trying to hold to 2:30 laps. After losing a few seconds being conservative on some of the laps, I kept the step even. At one point, some idiot woman came to the track to smoke cigarettes and chatter on her cellphone, while ignoring her little annoying rat bastard mutt. The third time the thing chased me, I bellowed at her to get her dog off the track before I punt it across the street. I wish people knew how to courteously use my track.

I stayed on pace until the last lap, when I picked up my pace to sprint finish. I didn’t have as much kick in my sprint this time. I finished the 10 km long, according to my GPS, by over a quarter mile. Nice and steady wins the day. Today, I was almost three minutes faster than I was on Tuesday.

My results: 1:02:41, 8:48 zone (hard); HR: 168 avg, 207 max; 980 cal
Distance: 6.25 mi (10.06 km); Distance (GPS): 6.53 mi (10.51 km)


  1. 10:19
  2. 9:57
  3. 10:04
  4. 10:13
  5. 10:03
  6. 9:56
  7. 2:09 (final lap)

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