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Mar 07, 2009 - 18:03


50 in a Row

Nothing feels quite like hitting a milestone. This evening’s 5K run was my 50th CrossFit workout of the day of the year. That’s 50 of 50. So far, in 2009, I’ve done 100% of the assigned workouts of the day with no misses.

Next month, I’m taking a road trip for Spring Break, but I’m taking my stopwatch, heart rate monitor, jump rope, and parallettes so I can improvise substitute workouts and maintain my progress.

I was a little bit faster this evening than last time, but I’m still more than a minute off my personal best. 25:29.74 for 5330 meters isn’t bad, but I’m really trying to get much faster than that. Part of the reason I wasn’t tonight is because I have an issue with my running socks. There’s a rough spot that eats a blister in my instep. Time to upgrade.

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