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Feb 27, 2009 - 23:02


CrossFit – February 2009

Of the 21 workouts of the day assigned in February, I have completed 21. On nine of those workouts, I turned in performances that surprised me, including my first sub-10 minute Fran, a ridiculous performance on the pullup bar, a crazy workout in the rain that involved kayaking gear, and a dozen-round Cindy. I’m no longer taking it easy to make up for a pathetic 2008 back nine.

This is my second perfect month in a row. I’d like to keep it that way through the rest of the year, but I’ll miss a week of prescribed workouts next month when I go on vacation for Spring Break and go on a road trip with my family. Still, there’s nothing keeping me from taking along my heart rate monitor and stopwatch for some substitutions. (Taking my kettlebell along would be a little much, though.)

The more I do this stuff, the more I realize that I need a couple of supplies relatively immediately—a barbell (and bumpers) and a pair of gymnastics rings. I think I’ll get the rings first, potentially next week or soon thereafter. Once I get the MacBook Pro replaced, I’ll be getting 260 pounds of rubber plates and a mean scowl that only heavy lifts will erase.

But for now, I’ll keep on keeping on. One of these days, you’ll have to come down and do a workout with me.

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Eric P
Mar 10, 2009 - 20:03

Oh, you know I’m there!

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