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Goals for 2009

I set a couple of New Year’s Resolutions last year, which I didn’t get around to posting here. One of them was to write 52 tracks, which I finished. I slipped on a few others. So, I’m going to post my goals for 2009 in three categories: personal development, music, and fitness. You ready? Let’s […]

May 13, 2008 - 18:05


Harassment Training Day

Today, at work, it was sexual harassment training day. No, that means they teach us company, state, and federal policy on avoiding workplace sexual harassment. Surprisingly, despite the fact that I’ve worked in the HR department of two major Silicon Valley companies, there were a few things I learned. An offending act can be reported […]

How Do You Twitter?

A while back, I noticed a crapload of followers that were obvious spammers following my tweets on Twitter. So, in a weird moment of decision, I locked my profile down and started the slow process (back when it was still broken) of trying to block everyone I don’t know from following me. I’m sure twitter […]

How I Blew April

April was an incredibly unproductive month in my projects. I wrote just one track all month–one ambient track that took me almost half an hour. All the reasons I come up with for not writing music on the train are all lame. I’m just lazy. Of the 30 days in April, I completed my CrossFit […]

Jul 11, 2007 - 12:07


Stupid Job Post of the Year

Okay, I understand if your company doesn’t have a big budget. These things happen. But, there’s such a thing as idiocy. Look what I found on craigslist! $12/hr + benefits. You just have to know MySQL, PHP, AJAX, LAMP/WAMP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. They’ll smile on you even bigger if you know C++, Flash, Photoshop, PHP-PDF […]

Bubble Shy

Marc Andreessen, an undisputed Silicon Valley technology leader, addresses the Web 2.0 bubble misconception in an essay that has lots of great points. He mentions that all of us in the technology industry are a little gun shy, since many of us were hit very hard by the dot com crash of 2001. I even […]

Going Nuts on Yelp

Today, I finally wrote the reviews for places I Plazed or dodged in from when I went to Oregon and Idaho at the end of March. Since Yelp doesn’t offer the ability to predate posts, they’re all dated today. I still have a couple more months of stuff in the Bay Area to add, but […]

CBS buys

CBS Corporation has purchased $280 million? Wow. (<nod target=”Metafilter” />). I’m a subscriber and have been for quite some time. Many of my friends are there, but I don’t interact much with I primarily just listen to music in my local iTunes Library and check out my charts on I wish […]

Goodbye, Myplay

I spent almost all night downloading the last of the music I wanted to keep from my Locker. I crashed to the sound of one of my first playlists, “House of Jazz“, at 5:30 this morning. Myplay is over as of 10:00 Eastern Time this morning, exactly 38 months after we launched it on October […]

Feb 27, 2001 - 10:02


myplay Retrospective

I saw the ad in Craigslist and popped a resume off. I was living in San José at the time and needed a job badly. Unfortunately, I had no corporate experience to speak of. It was the first resume I’d ever sent in response to an ad on Craigslist, but ten minutes later (even before […]

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