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Goals for 2009

I set a couple of New Year’s Resolutions last year, which I didn’t get around to posting here. One of them was to write 52 tracks, which I finished. I slipped on a few others. So, I’m going to post my goals for 2009 in three categories: personal development, music, and fitness. You ready? Let’s […]

40 things in 2005

This time last year, I found a list on Marc Canter‘s blog and wrote my own 40 things. I thought I’d follow up with a sequel. What did you do in 2005 that you’d never done before? I rode over 6500 miles (out of a goal of only 5000) on my bicycle, broke some bones […]

What’s On Your iPod?

I decided, a little over a week ago, to listen to every playlist in my iPod (I have the original five gig iPod without the dock connector). There are 63 playlists. I’m listening to them in order and, so far, I’m down to Freak Gardening Accident. There are, in alphabetical order (* denotes artists or […]

3:1 (25%) Training Schedule

I created a simpler chart a while ago with equal-length weekdays and a long ride on Saturdays to accomodate five-day workweeks during Daylight Savings Time, which around here means the sun sets quite early. I call it my 3:1 (25%) Training Schedule. As with any exercise program, I am not responsible if you try this […]