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Fifteen Years

On this day in 1994, I lost my youngest sister to a drunk driver. It seems like only yesterday, but it seems like a hundred years ago. She was an amazing person. I miss her terribly. We can only imagine who she might be today. Don’t drive drunk. Seriously.

Spring Break Road Trip

I’ve just returned from a spring break road trip with my family. I spent a lot more money than I intended to and managed to get my first speeding ticket in more than a decade. Here are ten things we did which we enjoyed the most. Toured the Theo Chocolate factory in Seattle and learned […]

Christmas 2008

Yay, Christmas. I’m still foggy on why it is that the price of gas has dropped by three dollars over the last four months, but my air fare to Boise is more expensive than it was last year. I guess that’s not the most important thing in the world to focus on, but I’m worried […]

Fourteen Years

On this day in 1994, my youngest sister, Jody, was killed by a drunk driver. I can hardly believe more than 14 years have passed since her light shined upon the world. In her memory, my tradition is to fast on May 4. The last time I ate a meal on this day, she was […]

I Should Have Simply Driven

Returning home from Idaho at Christmas time is usually not much of a challenge. After getting dropped off at the curb on Wednesday, I fully expected to get on my four o’clock flight and be home around 5:30 or 6. With my car parked at San Jose, it would be a relatively painless procedure to […]

Happy Birthday, Jody

You’d be thirty years old today. Everyone in the family misses you, especially on your birthday. What kind of dazzling, shining, astonishing human being would you be today? Where would you be? Who would you love? What would you do? What would your passions be? Where would you be living now? I braved the fierce […]

Happy Birthday, B-Wipe

My little brother turned 34 years old today. Damn, dude, can you be that old already? At least your hair isn’t grey like mine is. Celebrate that for now. Happy birthday, man.

Visiting the Family

What a great visit. On Monday, I went to pick up the kids (mine) from my ex-mother-in-law in Ontario, Oregon, a few miles from Grandma’s house. We ate lunch and returned to Payette to hang out. I brought an extra laptop, my retiring iBook, to give to them, so we worked on cleaning that off […]

Happy Birthday, Jody

Today would be your 29th birthday. I wonder what you’d be doing today. What would you have become? Where would you have gone to school? Would you be married yet? What would you be passionate about? Where would you live? What would your dreams and aspirations be? Would you have children? What would you look […]

Birthday Boy

Happy 33rd Birthday, Brent!

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