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May 17, 2018 - 23:05


The Sweep of Time

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about time and how days, which seem like they are in infinite supply, seem to creep by, but years, which are obviously fewer, speed by at an incomprehensible rate of speed. It’s astonishing how, when we’re focused on something (or even nothing in particular), the other things going on in the world don’t slow down. We’ve turned our head and now we’re in 2006. A second turn sees us in 2012. A third shows us the world of 2018.

It doesn’t seem to take very much lack of focus to lose huge, irretrievable swaths of time. It just requires you to take your eyes for a brief moment away from the things that really matter to you. Then, things—people, situations, physical items—can be swept along into the past. There is no time to wait and take a breath. We must decide and create specific actionable plans, if our desire is to have some influence on that sweep of time.

What do we do to make the most of our time, while it’s ours to do something with? How do we change our own momentum, our own trajectory, before we turn our heads a fourth and a fifth time and we find ourselves looking back from 2030? We sometimes defer doing things that make us happy and fulfilled in order to focus on things that make us fed and sheltered. How easy it is to allow routine to close around us and hurry us along without our direction.

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