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Jan 01, 2010 - 17:01


Rediscovering the Oracle of Apollo

I’ve reached the conclusion that I’m kind of a terrible blogger. The only blog I keep that I maintain religiously is Digeum, where I post DJ mixes relatively soon after I finish mixing them. This site used to be the flagship of the blogs I maintain, but that torch has passed on to Digeum, perhaps permanently.

Ten years ago, I started blogging here with a post about a rave massive I attended in San Jose to ring in 2000. A lot of things have changed on the internet since then — namely several billion new blogs. I’m in the old guard of ancient bloggers, but I set myself apart from the other old guard members by never figuring out how to consistently attract an audience.

This is something I’m aiming to correct in 2010.

These days, we have a myriad of web presences to distract us from our core web sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and a host of other distractions. I think, for many of us, the core web site is still important, if only for its historical legacy and the notion that this here is something that I own, something in my control — something that lives on my server.

In the days ahead, I’m thinking hard about the future of this web site. I’m tempted to blank the whole thing and start afresh. I’m also tempted to delete entire categories of posts and purge the old outdated crap. For now, the correct course of action is to forge onward and try harder to write content that matters. Interspersed among the rote crossposts letting the two of you who read this that are interested in my DJ mixes or my music, I’ll try to write more things that are useful or insightful or revealing.

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