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Apr 12, 2009 - 22:04


Watch the Gauge of the Bar

Hey, CrossFitters:

Just a helpful piece of advice I wish I’d known before tonight’s workout. Make sure that, if you’re doing pullups at a local park or school playground, the gauge of the bar isn’t too narrow, whether you’re wearing gloves or not.

Pinching your calluses is easier on a narrower bar. Doing pullups on the magnificent facility at Cupertino Middle School — a facility which includes many pullup bars, parallel bars for dips, and monkey bars over a rubber floor — found me ripping all of the calluses off both hands. After I finished all my pullups, I discovered that those beautiful parallel bars are too narrow for me to go full extension and do dips on.

So, double check those bars. Make sure you don’t shred your palms. I definitely will from now on.

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