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Aug 16, 2008 - 00:08

Music, Technology

New DJ Gear

Despite the more than 35 tracks I’ve written so far this year, I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m not writing anything good — especially house music, which is where I was aiming for anyway. I’ll keep slugging along at the production, but I thought the best way for me to introduce my music to the world is to find a way to include it in a mix with other people’s music. I decided that I should get myself a DJ controller and a sound card and learn to spin. If I can’t play a live set and get a feel of performance, even if it’s just DJing music, I’m never going to get anywhere with any of my music.

After consulting my friend, Sunshine, I decided to buy a Vestax VCI-100 MIDI DJ Controller and a soundcard. This setup will let me plug my mixer in, play tracks from my own computer without buying a bunch of vinyl or carry around a stack of CDs, and sing or play instruments over my lazy house tracks.

After playing around with it tonight, I think I’d better buy the full version of Traktor, which includes internet broadcasting and on-the-fly recording, plus the ability to play from four decks at the same time. This is going to kick much buttock and I can’t wait.

I spun a little mix set tonight after a long series of kernel panics (due to crappy drivers) and finally getting everything basically working. This is going to take a little practice, but I should be able to post some mixes before too long.

Time to drop some beats!

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