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Mar 15, 2008 - 02:03

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Saying Goodbye to Consumating

This afternoon, around 1:30 in the afternoon, CNET switched off Consumating for the last time. It was announced about six weeks ago, but we all still hoped that there’d be a last minute reprieve. This evening, we were redirected at, where the foul-mouthed hipsters of Consumating crashed head-on with the heavily-moderated juvenile-friendly

I’ll avoid romanticizing Consumating, but I mentioned the shutdown before and I’ve made my feelings known to my friends there. We’re all over on Go Team Internet, as well as a couple of other clones.

This evening, my friend, Lady Oracle, and I wandered up to San Francisco to Katie O’Brien’s to gather with some friends and give Consumating a send off that she certainly deserved. Combustible Monkey, Oranges, Ozreiuosn, 18percentgrey, and Machined joined us, but before long we all parted company, except for the five of us that headed over to CNET Headquarters to remember Consumating.

Somehow, Lady Oracle managed to snag the CDF Honor Guard Band, which was roaming around the pubs of San Francisco playing their music, to play “Amazing Grace” as some people held a candlelight vigil. The bagpipers played, the drummers drummed, the security guard at CNET looked baffled, and the honor guard refused all suggestions of tips. Not only did they play several songs and march around in the CNET courtyard, they continued to play for about half an hour. The acoustics in front of that building, bounded by a hotel, are fantastic.

That’s how you send off something that’s been a central part of your life for two years. Thanks for everything, Ben, Adam, Jesse, and the whole crew of Consumating. It’s been a blast.

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