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Jan 09, 2008 - 22:01


CrossFit Day 77

Today’s workout was “Michael”, a hero workout we get about once a month (previously: Dec 03, Nov 17, Oct 28, Sep 19). Last time, I did pretty well, finishing this whole shebang in just under 29 minutes. Today’s goal was 28:00 flat.

Three rounds for time of:

  1. 800 m run (I averaged 823 m per run)
  2. 50 back extensions (good mornings) standing, 30# dumbbell
  3. 50 situps

I started around 22:15 this evening, when it was frigid outside. I decided to take 30 seconds of rest between each round, after the situps and before the next run. I ran pretty strong tonight, polishing off every one of the runs in under 4 minutes each. The standing back extensions went relatively quickly and I found myself still able to keep count, despite having a good thumping house beat in my ears. The situps felt like they took much longer than they did.


  1. 03:48.97 02:18.40 01:55.95 -> 08:33.48
  2. 03:54.25 02:54.31 02:28.24 -> 18:20.59
  3. 03:56.22 03:19.65 02:06.50 -> 27:42.96

With the Fleep beats in my headphones and my heart rate monitor on silent, I pushed a strong pace, especially on the runs. I felt a little chokiness toward the end of the third run, when I looked down at my heart rate monitor and noticed that I was pushing 203 bpm. Wow. Since I missed yesterday’s workout due to the soreness from almost 200 squats on the previous two days (100 weighted and 91 Tabata), I felt okay with pushing a little more intensely today.

I did fumble with the stopwatch for a second after I finished the third round of situps, so I’m counting the time I stopped the heart rate monitor. With a time of 27:41, that means I finished 69 seconds faster than last time. Personal best. Onward!

My results: 27:41, 7:26 zone (hard), HR: 173 avg, 203 max; 419 cal

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