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Nov 28, 2007 - 22:11


PT Test Charlie

Today’s workout was “CrossFit Total”, a standard benchmark that requires three barbell exercises for max. I don’t have a barbell, so I’m substituting the entire workout. Today, like last time, I’m substituting the APFT. This will be the third in the series.

I started out with pushups this time, setting a timer on my computer (one that was actually accurate this time). Unfortunately during my situps, after I’d finished about 25, my computer went to sleep. So, I started the timer back over again at one minute and continued to 55 by the time the buzzer went off.

Afterwards, I headed over to the track nearby, hoping to shave 20 seconds or so off the run from last time. Aiming my laps around 2 minutes each, I knew I’d start to slow down after the first few laps. I concentrated on avoiding a drastic slowing. Fortunately, I had an old mix by my friend, Nate Bowen, so I couldn’t hear when my heart rate monitor beeped angrily for me to slow it back down. This enabled me to concentrate on a good pace and give myself an extra kick at the end. I cross the finish line exactly one minute faster than I did the same distance last time. I am an animal.

My goals for this time were to score 70s across the board, for a total of 210 points. I beat that goal this time by 10 points.

PT Test Charlie

  • Sit Ups: 55 (APFT Score: 75) – required to pass: 42
  • Push Ups: 46 (APFT Score: 70) – required to pass: 36
  • Two mile run: 15:57 (APFT Score: 75) – required to pass: 17:42
  • APFT Total: 220 (+10 over goal)

Next goal: 240 points (56 pushups, 59 situps, 15:30 2 mile run)

With the new APFT score, I’m increasing my multiplier for weighted CrossFit workouts. I was working at 65% (PT Alpha: 197 / 3 = 65.67%). Now, my multiplier is: 220 / 3 = 73.33%.

Let’s go!

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