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Nov 02, 2007 - 21:11


CrossFit Day 34

Today’s workout was called “Isabel.” I’ve done this one before, but today I thought I had more game to pull this one off tonight. The workout itself calls for 30 reps of the snatch. I started out with a pair of 30 pound dumbbells, but my ability to snatch the weight above my head. I got one of them, but my tendency to rock forward on my toes, not get completely under the weight, or lose it on the bottom of the squat.

Yeah, it wasn’t going to be 2×30 tonight. I tried a couple of reps with the 25-pounders. Also, not happening. So, I got out the rubber 15 pound dumbbells and went out back. I attempted 41, completed the required 30, and decided to do a 30-rep set of Arnold presses to complete the workout.

I’ve been getting stronger, but some days you end up getting a workout that reminds you that getting stronger from “total wuss” still leaves you solidly in wuss territory. My goal is to find the border. Also, snatches require coordination more than strength.

My results: 17:06, 9:44 zone (hard); HR: 148 avg, 175 max; 205 cal

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