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Oct 07, 2007 - 22:10


CrossFit Day 15

Today’s workout was a workout named for a fallen sailor who died in Afghanistan. “J. T.” was a little bit out of my league, so I had to substitute two of the three exercises for things I can actually do. In order to add challenge and to compensate for my wimpiness, I added one exercise. So, let’s get it on:

3 rounds for time (21, 15, and 9 reps per round) of:

  1. Pushups (orig: handstand pushups)
  2. Chair dips (orig: ring dips)
  3. Pushups
  4. Kettlebell swings (35#) (my addition)

This workout was amazingly challenging, primarily due to the number of pushups. For long stretches of time, I had to do my pushups two or three at a time. After a couple of interruptions of people wandering through or milling around, I completed my odyssey. My form sucked when I started to get tired. Gotta do this one more.

My results: 14:52, 5:57 zone (hard); HR: 144 avg, 172 max; 178 cal (40%)

That’s 90 pushups, 45 dips, and 45 swings. Ouch.

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CrossFit Day 21 at The Oracle of Apollo
Oct 28, 2007 - 21:10

[…] Today’s workout was a nice respite from the recent killers, such as Murph, Mary, and J. T. especially. So, about 9:30, I threw my kettlebell into the trunk of my car and drove over to the pullup bar. I was going to walk over there and carry the kettlebell on foot, but it was getting late and I realized that carrying it home after the full workout was going to suck more that I could anticipate. […]

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