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Oct 01, 2007 - 21:10


CrossFit Day 11

Today’s workout shouldn’t be too bad. Three rounds for time of: 35 double unders (that’s a jump rope thing where the rope passes under your feet twice each bounce, instead of once), 25 thrusters (I’m at 40 pounds, instead of the 95 prescribed), and 15 pullups.

So, when I got home, the house was full. I decided to set up in my studio on the linoleum strip of floor that marks the hallway. Of course, now I can’t find the rubber foot for my pullup bar. Scratch pullups. I decided to substitute one pullup and one chair dip for each. Okay, let’s dance.

After watching the video on the post, I got some ideas about why I can’t seem to do more than three or four consecutive jumps. Instead of trying to get double unders, let’s just go for single unders today. The thrusters get progressively harder, but they’ll get easier and I’ll ramp the weight up some day. But, today, the thrusters were with 20 pound dumbbells. I didn’t do the full set in one fell swoop in any of the three rounds, but subdivided all the exercises. I especially didn’t want to drop a 20 pound dumbbell on my noodle when I started to get tired.

I definitely have a lot of work to do, but I did about as well as I expected to. After the second set, I was sweating hard enough that I needed my kayaking gloves in order to maintain my hold on the dumbbells. Sweat + Steel = Slip.

My results: 23:25, 8:54 zone (hard); HR: 167 avg, 183 max; 369 cal (20% fat)

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