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Sep 22, 2007 - 19:09


CrossFit Day 4

Today’s workout, named “Isabel”, was fairly simple: Do 30 reps of 135 pound snatches. Lacking an Olympic weight set, like yesterday, I opted to use my 30 pound dumbbell and follow the example of a video entitled “Dumbbell Snatch tri-panel.” So, let’s go for 15 on each side.

Rep 1: 30 pounds, left side. Uh, no. Not like this. Maybe your balance is just off — you’re a beginner, after all. Reset, try again. Let’s do this thing. Nope. That time, I had a hard time keeping my balance. So, I grabbed a rubber 15 pound dumbbell and tried the entire set again. That was a little more manageable, but I often had a hard time keeping my balance with what seems a very simple move. I should seek form correction from a professional as soon as possible.

After knocking out fifteen on each side, I felt like I wasn’t done yet, so I grabbed my new 16 kg (35 pound) kettlebell. The kettlebell is really awesome—and not just because it says “APOLLO” on the side—because it provides dead weight with a handle that can be used in a surprising variety of ways. I opted to supplement today’s workout with a set of thirty Sumo Deadlift High Pulls.

My results: 9:45, 5:04 in Zone (147 – 164 bpm); HR: 156 avg, 180 max; 136 calories (30%) fat

Tomorrow will be the super killer. 54 pullups, 54 dips, and a hike in Castle Rock State Park with my buddy, Oz.

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CrossFit Day 34 at The Oracle of Apollo
Nov 03, 2007 - 08:11

[…] Today’s workout was called “Isabel.” I’ve done this one before, but today I thought I had more game to pull this one off tonight. The workout itself calls for 30 reps of the snatch. I started out with a pair of 30 pound dumbbells, but my ability to snatch the weight above my head. I got one of them, but my tendency to rock forward on my toes, not get completely under the weight, or lose it on the bottom of the squat. […]

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