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Jul 29, 2007 - 21:07

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Test Run Alpha

I’ve been working on plans on getting back into good physical condition, including a regiment of running, strength training without a gym, and swimming (later). For phase one of my body optimization schedule (with apologies to Tantek), my goal is to get back into the condition required to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. That’s the primary goal at this point. Today, I decided to take the Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor I bought more than six months ago and see where I’m at on the track.

Get ready to grit your teeth.

Baseline Run Test

  • Distance: 2.00 miles (3.22 km)
  • Time: 22:34 (11:17 / mile – 5.32 mph avg)
  • Heart Rate Max: 205 bpm (111% target zone)
  • Heart Rate Avg: 191 bpm (104% target zone)
  • APFT Score for run: 16 (required to pass: 60 – 17:42)
  • Goal for August: 50 – 18:48 (3:46 faster)

If running around the track at the blistering pace of 11½ minutes a mile causes my heart rate to climb through 205, I have a long way to go. But, at the end of that road is me feeling sexy again and not carrying around this belly. My ultimate goal is to reshape my body into the physical condition that enables me to handle anything that comes my way.

Next weekend, I’ll see if I can hack it on the full PT test. I guess we’ll see how that goes.


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Aug 03, 2007 - 00:08

No apologies needed. On the contrary, I’m psyched to see both your plans on getting back into good physical condition, and your metrics for measuring your progress. Keep up the good work, and set an example for others to be inspired by and follow.

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Trainer Session Bravo at The Oracle of Apollo
Aug 15, 2007 - 14:08

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