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Jul 21, 2007 - 17:07

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About three weeks ago, Ozreiuosn invited me to Pownce, the latest of the responses to Twitter. Leah Culver and Kevin Rose have launched a nifty little service with a few features Twitter lacks completely. Pownce offers a different feature set than Jaiku, of which I’m also a fan.

What I like about Pownce:

  1. The message window doesn’t limit posts to 140 characters.
  2. You can include files, events, and links.
  3. You can either post publicly, privately, or just to your friends.
  4. You can rate comments and posts.

What I like more about Jaiku:

  1. I can include RSS feeds into my Jaiku stream, although with too many of those Jaiku becomes cluttered.
  2. Icons! Juhu includes far more of them than either JaikuBerry or the native Jaiku application. Icons are nifty!
  3. I can specify where I’m posting a particular item from.

Features I’d love to see in Pownce:

  1. RSS feeds
  2. The ability to receive notifications by SMS or IM
  3. Geotagging posts
  4. Image uploads displaying inline, even if resized to the layout.

I have been added and subtracted by a few people over the three weeks that I’ve been on Pownce. Many of the people requesting adds seem to be friend aggregators (people who add tons of people, whether they know them or not). I like that when I deny their request, they’re still a fan. (I have a thing about adding people to my friends list who neither message me with some introduction or that I don’t know. Color me old-fashioned, but I don’t see the value in having 1,584 friends in my network.)

Big kudos to Leah and Kevin and the whole Pownce team.

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