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Jul 18, 2007 - 11:07


Parking Lot Blunder

After I grabbed my morning fix at Starbucks (yeah, yeah, I know) near my house, I was backing my purple car out, when I overestimated how far back my car was and scraped the hub cap of the Subaru SUV parked next to me. The lady who owned it had just pulled in and it was a case of bad timing. I backed out, stopped my car to inspect the damage, and consulted with her. Time to get my insurance information. I got the info out of my car and headed over there without noticing that my driver’s door had closed.

She decided not to submit a claim, since I did about $30 worth of damage to her hub cap and her deductible was higher than that. Besides, there was my car, driver’s door unlocked, car running, backed out and ready to go. Then, I remembered the problem. With a locked passenger door and an inoperative driver’s door handle, my car was effectively locked.

I wandered around a little, looking for a cop or trying to get the Starbucks girl to call a locksmith. “We don’t have a phone book.” Finally, a good Samaritan in a brand new Porsche offered to help. I live about a mile away by road. He drove me home, I sprinted in and got the spare keys I have for my car, and I hope I didn’t make him too late.

Fortunately, as we returned, the owners of the Honda my car was almost completely blocking in returned and I waved my apology and drove my car away. I really should consider a replacement soon. It’s only my luck that I did this so close to home. Next time, I might have to break a window or spend more than the value of my car ($111, according to Edmunds) to get someone to let me back in.


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