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Jun 10, 2007 - 11:06


Out on the Town

So, I was supposed to go to Staple on Friday night, but I overslept my disco nap (sorry, Fil). I decided to get my ass out of my house for a change and lined up a few Saturday night parties that might be worth checking out. Leaving my house about 10:45, I headed up toward San Francisco and decided to stop at Mission Rock to support my friend, Eric Sharp, who was supposed to be playing a set with Rick Preston.

Unfortunately, Mission Rock had a total crowd of less than 30. I paid my $15 to get in not knowing this, went upstairs, talked to a couple of cuties, danced around a little bit (hey, it’s been a few months), and got bored quickly. At 12:30, they turned the music off and the party was over. I got to hang out in an empty space for an hour for $15. The promoter handed me a bunch of happy hour passes (yeah, I’m going to hang out at Mission Rock at 3 in the afternoon on a week day, uh huh).

I headed over to an after party in a swank live work loft that seemed to be the headquarters of a small startup company, as well as a recording studio. Rick played a nice set, a couple of other DJs played some music, and I met a few cool people. I hung around chatting with strangers until way too late.

I think I’ll be more inquisitive at the door before I pop full price to get into an empty club. But, after parties are nice. Next month, maybe I’ll go out again.

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