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May 30, 2007 - 10:05

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CBS buys

CBS Corporation has purchased $280 million? Wow. (<nod target=”Metafilter” />).

I’m a subscriber and have been for quite some time. Many of my friends are there, but I don’t interact much with I primarily just listen to music in my local iTunes Library and check out my charts on I wish was more feature rich, including on-the-fly updates of the Weekly Top Artists list. I am dubious as to whether AudioScrobbler/ is worth $280 million.

I’m starting to get flashbacks of 2000. And I’m worried about 2008. Are we in for another implosion, like we had at the end of the bubble? The difference this time around is that IPO doesn’t seem to be a business model, but neither is profitability.

  1. Start social networking site.
  2. Raise venture capital money.
  3. Garner large user base.
  4. Get purchased by big player (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft)

Time to get busy upgrading my skills, just in case.

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Bubble Shy at The Oracle of Apollo
Jun 06, 2007 - 13:06

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