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Mar 25, 2006 - 05:03

Friends, Party

Lights Out on Broadway

Tonight was the musical debut of my friend, Ian Rhett, who began writing music again after a long hiatus. His songs are magnificently written songs that speak of the state of the world today. His signature tune, “(Didn’t Know I Was) Unamerican“, got him invited to perform at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Tonight’s show was at Broadway Studios in San Francisco. After initially parking six blocks away, walking two blocks in a ridiculous torrential downpour, orbiting the blocks again for another half hour, then finding a spot two blocks from the venue, I arrived soaking wet as Ian was performing.

Ian writes with passion and conviction. His proficiency on his old Wurlitzer and that little 1950s (or was it 1920s) acoustic guitar surprised me. I knew he could play—but wow! He shared the stage with a small band and played a great set, including a newish song called “(I Know Why You’re) Semper Fi“.

David Shakiban took the stage next and played a set of nifty rock tunes with his band. His skills on the electric guitar were good. The band was well-rehearsed and the songs were good, although some of the players in the band seemed shy. The music was upbeat and a bunch of people got up to dance.

Ian’s second set featured a bunch more songs, a smaller crowd, and a more intimate vibe. He played his signature song, and a few love songs. I’m really glad I came to hear him play. Someday, I hope to write songs half as well and with a tenth as much passion as he does.

A good show, overall. I didn’t know anybody there, except Ian and my long-lost friend, Jason, whom I haven’t seen in three years or so (is that right?). After the lights came on and I said hello to everyone, it was time for me to split.

Thanks for the invite, Ian.

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