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Oct 01, 2005 - 19:10


Breezy Sixty-Four Miles

After grabbing lunch at Chipotle, I headed out for my ride today at 1:30—almost six hours before sunset. My route was pretty much the same as last week with an extra mile thrown in. Like every Saturday in recent memory, it was substantially cooler and windier today than it was during the week. This is starting to drive me crazy.

I made decent time on my wind up to head out of Sunnyvale. Pushing a pathetically wimpy pace toward Foothill Expressway caused me to shed a bunch of my average speed, which I tried the whole ride to regain. Climbing to Portola Valley past the newly paved intersection at Alpine Road spared me from a headwind for about two miles, but by the time I neared the top, I was hard at war again.

Heading down Edgewood Road, I was surprised how quickly I was at 46 mph. I screamed down that hill and blew away my old top speed (the aforementioned 46) by three miles an hour. I pushed as hard as I could for 48 and overshot it by a mile an hour. Exhilirating!

Finally, I steamed home, salvaging half a mile an hour on my chart, and did my final loop home. I made it with no danger of having to change to the amber lenses. It’s so much better when I get out the door when I plan to.

Today:   64.22 mi;   3:26:47 (18.6 mph avg; 49.0 mph max) Oct  :   64.22 mi;   3:26:47 (18.6 mph avg; 49.0 mph max)
2005 : 6172.10 mi; 327:47:34 (18.8 mph avg; 49.0 mph max)
Goal : 5000.00 mi (1172.10 mi over : 123.44% complete)

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