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Aug 31, 2005 - 20:08


Rambunctious Stomp

After going to work really early this morning (I arrived at 06:30), I rode all my miles in one kick after work. I needed to run to the bookstore during lunch (and the bank after work).

Summer has started to return recently and the temperature was around 90°F when I headed out for my ride at a quarter after five. Somehow, I scrambled up the false flat that is Valparaiso near my house over 25 mph. I stomped through Stanford’s campus, headed out over the Page Mill hump, and continued pounding southeastward toward Sunnyvale. When I arrived at my shop to replenish my waning water supply, my cyclometer’s average speed mode informed me that I was at 19.8 mph.

Shortly after I got back on the bike for the final 13 mile kick home, I noticed that I was reading an average at 20 miles an hour for the first time in over 3½ months. I lost a little of my zip against the wind as I huffed over the Page Mill hump again, but the Mango Clif shot at the crest put a little spring back in my step. As I completed my ride with a 25 mph swoop downhill toward my house, I just tried to hang on to my last ride of August.

I just posted my second-fastest day ever.

Today :   35.05 mi;   1:45:00 (20.0 mph avg; 34.5 mph max) August:  685.03 mi;  36:04:45 (19.0 mph avg; 44.0 mph max)
2005  : 5246.51 mi; 279:31:25 (18.8 mph avg; 46.0 mph max)
Goal  : 5000.00 mi (246.51 mi over : 104.93% complete)

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