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Jun 04, 2005 - 21:06


Another Windy Half-Century

I waited too long this afternoon to get more miles than I did today. I headed out of my driveway about 15 after 5, which gave me three hours to go until sunset. One thing about today: it was really windy—much, much more windy than last weekend.

My headwinds today stayed over 20 mph the whole way. The only reprieve I got was when I headed southeast on Foothill Expressway, my back to the wind. When I returned, I hammered against the wind, fought a crosswind and a strong headwind to Portola Valley, battled continuous breezes and gusts nearing 40 mph on my way to Woodside, and a wind-tunnel heading for Edgewood.

The plummet down Edgewood was a good pay off. I dropped into my big ring and small gears, got low on my bars, and chased down a 46 mph top speed before the cross breezes became too much for me to try for more.

Because of the winds today, my statistics were lackluster at best. I’m so very tired of this damn winds. All I want is a nice calm, not too breezy day, with good warm temperatures. It was 62° F today. Isn’t it June, or something?

Today:   50.18 mi;   2:45:03 (18.2 mph avg; 46.0 mph max) June :  140.76 mi;   7:33:03 (19.0 mph avg; 46.0 mph max)
2005 : 3169.54 mi; 170:08:01 (18.6 mph avg; 46.0 mph max)
Goal : 5000.00 mi (1830.46 mi to go : 63.39% complete)

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