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Apr 23, 2005 - 19:04


Week 16

I was on track for a six-day riding week and getting my first 100% complete week since the middle of March, but the weather guys forecast rain on Saturday, so I waited to see. It sprinkled a little bit mid-afternoon, and I really should have gone out on my ride, but by the time I realized that, in fact, meteorologists suck, it was too late to get my miles done. Perhaps next week.

Three of this week’s riding days were single-ride days. Usually, weekdays consist of an early morning commute to work and a late afternoon extended commute home. After snarling against an eon of strong headwinds every day (combine that with my penchant for hitting absolutely every red light everywhere I ride), I broke out of my headwind rut — putting the biggest average speed number in my daily log thus far. After that, I drove to work until Thursday, doing my miles all in one shot on three subsequent days. None of those days has an average speed less than 19.3 mph. Friday’s early morning commute even set a personal best—18.8 mph avg (with almost no caffeine in my system in heavy tights and a cycling shell).

So, despite being a huge Saturday short, this week nudges the weekly average speed best to 19.1 mph. I had a great week, which would have been greater if I had ignored the weather reports online before my ride. Of course, with my luck, it would have started raining on me then at Portola Valley.

18 Apr:  32.27 mi;  1:47:36 (18.0 mph avg; 26.5 mph max)
19 Apr:  28.71 mi;  1:26:40 (19.9 mph avg; 33.0 mph max)
20 Apr:  28.80 mi;  1:29:28 (19.3 mph avg; 33.5 mph max)
21 Apr:  28.78 mi;  1:27:55 (19.6 mph avg; 33.5 mph max)
22 Apr:  30.17 mi;  1:35:31 (19.0 mph avg; 30.0 mph max)
Total : 148.73 mi;  7:47:10 (19.1 mph avg; 33.5 mph max)

Month so far:  532.87 mi. 2005 so far : 2263.28 mi (45.27% of goal).
2005 goal   : 5000.00 mi.
Remaining   : 2736.72 mi (76.02 mi / wk avg)

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