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Jan 19, 2005 - 22:01

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FedEx Asshole

Two packages arrived for me yesterday. While at work, I noticed that one of the drivers had attempted delivery. I quickly called the shipping company and asked them to hold the package at the facility and not attempt to deliver it in the middle of the day, while I’m not home.

Package 2 was from another shipper, delivered by FedEx. When I left work at 15:30 yesterday, delivery had not been attempted, according to the tracking number. I had either to catch the driver to receive my package yesterday, or there’d be a note that would have a number I could call to ask them to hold it for me in San José. This was what I thought.

This is not what happened.

Package 1
Item: Amazon box containing a book and four CDs.
Value: about $80 (retail).
Deliverer: UPS
Result: Attempted delivery, left a note, held at distribution center.
Package 2
Item: Apple box containing a 12″ PowerBook G4
Value: about $2000 (retail)
Deliverer: FedEx
Result: Attempted delivery, left a note, PACKAGE LEFT ON DOORSTEP

I shouldn’t have to tell you why FedEx is now officially on my shit list.

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