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Nov 21, 2004 - 02:11



After I finished my ride, I came home, got showered and dressed, and jumped on the Caltrain to go to Audience, a party at Deep in San José. Tonight’s shindig featured UNEAQ, who ripped it up as they always do. The venue, Deep, was once Club Ecco (back in 1999), far more of a techno/house club than this manifestation. Of the four rooms of music, only one featured anything resembling underground music and that room was really a tiny little corner of a hallway where they stuck us house heads. We had a great time, though, and those poor people who never listen to any music that isn’t on top 40 radio are the ones who really missed out.

After the show, Andrew, Angela, and Nick offered to give me a lift to my house, so I wouldn’t have to ride the bus home. That was really nice of them. They didn’t even let me buy for everyone when we stopped for some grub at Denny’s.

What a great day.

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