The Oracle of Apollo Snippets from the life of Apollo Lee

Feb 18, 2001 - 06:02



Namaste at Kelly’s Mission Rock tonight and I could barely contain myself. I went to pick up Patrick and Gigi at their place and dragged them down to China Basin. Tonight: Ellen Ferrato, Travis, Ra Soul, and Jenö. We arrived about 9:30, and waited a few minutes before they let us free people in.

There were so many pretty people there tonight that it was simply astonishing. Tiffany, a co-ed from Santa Cruz, piqued my interest and I danced my ass off even more than usual. The music was nothing short of heavenly. Patrick scored a CD from Ellen Ferrato, who played some compelling beats. I tried to get one, too, but i got there too late. Patrick’s going to let me listen to his CD, though (right, pat?). Heh.

Jenö took over at 3 and continued Ra Soul‘s merciless assault on my body, which endured a good deal of blissful punishment. I kept on tearing it up, soaking through my nifty MusicMatch shirt, a prize piece of schwag from the Macworld Expo, and continuing my hardwood binge until the very last bit of noise came out of the speakers.

A good way to make up for the fact that I’m not dancing at all next weekend (I doubt that I am anyway). Next stop: Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 2001. Yeah, I’m a lucky bastard.