The Oracle of Apollo Snippets from the life of Apollo Lee

Nov 26, 2000 - 07:11


Mission Rock

I woke up at noon, and took Lakshmana out for some food, visiting a couple of stores on the way to pick up a surge protector (so I can eventually put my studio together) and various other items. After a bit, he headed back to Santa Cruz. It was a cool visit, Lakshmana.

On the recommendation of Ernie and Fe Ann, I opted to check out Mission Rock in China Basin. I noticed on the flyer that the guy at Full Circle gave me on Thursday that there is no cover before 10, so I headed out early and got to the venue ten minutes before the deadline.

The first thing I noticed was Mission Rock’s proximity to the Bay. One could flop over the upper rail and land in the bay. The second thing I noticed was the narrowness of the main dancefloor. It was very long, but the DJ tables were right in the middle of the long side of the room. The music was superb, though.

I ran into Patrick and Gigi, then Ernie and Fe Ann, who brought Michelle (who wasn’t terribly crazy about my existence), Nicole (very pretty blonde), and their respective gentlemen. All the DJs upstairs were playing great music. I had worked up a sweat early, but had no voice (due to my battle against the common cold) to speak of, so I blew my hands alot, to the delight of people around me.

Jenö took the decks at just before 3 and unleashed a set that left everyone surprised when the lights came on at 5. I ended up smushed against the congaleros, dancing with a number of pretties and singing with Thora and her friend.

Mission Rock was a blast and I will definitely come back again. Probably next saturday.