The Oracle of Apollo Snippets from the life of Apollo Lee

Oct 22, 2000 - 04:10



On my handy little Visor, which I bought a week ago, had a number of items to remember to buy. So, I headed to the store for pants and various other needful things. I needed more cargo pants, but I knew damn sure that, since they’re currently trendy, some “department” store would charge me seven thousand dollars for a pair. I bought three pair and paid a hundred clams. Where? The surplus store. The brand name? Trousers, Combat was the name in the tags. Government issue fatigue britches. I got khaki, blue, and black. I look like a riot cop now. Whee!

I was originally planning on picking up Melissa for an evening of dancing while her son is with her ex, but she didn’t feel much like going out. I’d have loved to have taken her, but I was a little relieved about eliminating the 40 mile drive to the East Bay. Maybe next time, Melissa.

Kate told me she was coming to Staple, and Mo said he’d come, too. I headed up to the city in my new duds and arrived at the Rawhide about 9:45. There were a few people when I arrived. I went upstairs to see if the Canadians were there and, boink, I run virtually headlong into Kate. She was hanging with her son’s father (whose name escapes me for the moment), Nicholas (a regular), and Darnell (who was sleeping).

I hung with them for a bit, before heading downstairs to dance. I turned my head and there was Dana and Erin, who wore an excessively eye-catching camouflage tank top. Good lord, girl. I turned my head and there was Mo. We headed up and hung out with Kate and crew for a while, and then it was time to start bouncing around on the dancefloor.

Mo came down and climbed up onto the dancefloor as Pal Joey took the decks, spinning a very mellow downtempo and deep house set, including alot of treats from the disco 70s. Mo was busily working the dancefloor, inducing every female jaw to drop in astonishment. Heh. Hi, Mo!

While the music was very mellow, almost relaxing, it was still terrific. What a great night. A sparse, but sufficient crowd, plenty of people to look at, mellow disco-tinged music, and enough dancefloor space to avoid feeling cramped. Can’t wait for Staple‘s anniversary party next week. Woo.