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Oct 01, 2000 - 21:10

Family, Travel

Trip to Idaho (Returning Home)

My flight from Boise was scheduled to depart at 8:30, so I had about ten hours with my children, minus a short scheduled storage box visit to retrieve some materials I wanted to carry back to California with me.

Spaghetti for lunch about four o’clock as I was finishing the work on the laptop was a hit. More wrestling and playing and some pictures and cartoons and talk about San Francisco and Disney World and Pokémon. What a blast.

Pretty soon, my ex arrived and it was time to take me back to the airport. An hour later, kisses and hugs and goodbyes in the loading zone. What a good visit.

I checked my duffel at 7:30, an hour before my flight, and paced around the Boise Terminal, looking for interesting things to do. It occured to me that I didn’t have a baseball cap from my home state to remind people that my facade is a surly mean redneck hillbilly asshole, so I headed for the gift shop. There was a shirt, a hilarious one, that caught my eye. It was black and had a cartoon of a potato with a black helmet and face mask. “DARTH TATER“, it read. “Long, long ago in a potato field far, far away. SPUD WARS.” I had to have one.

Suprisingly, neither of the United flights I took from SFO to Boise and back were delayed much. From boise, I had a row to myself and a 45 minute wait at the Millbrae Caltrain. Next visit: Thanksgiving, I hope. Walking from the Caltrain station to my house, I realized that I’m really a Californian. It is so good to be back, but I had an excellent visit with my family.