The Oracle of Apollo Snippets from the life of Apollo Lee

Apr 28, 2000 - 20:04


Into the Sound

Out to the Rawhide, to discover that StopSpot is gone for good. Opening night for Into the Sound, featuring guest Markie. The music was good for a crew’s opening night. The second room was open, but the pool tables were still set up. The illumination of the pool lights took something from the ambience of the dancefloor, which annoyed me a little.

After a while, I ended up in the one spot of floor that absolutely everybody didn’t have to walk through, and started tearing up the floor and the air around, singing alot (as always) to whatever was playing. Apparently, the British girls (Alison and another girl whose name eludes me) were immensely entertained. As were Erica and her crew, who kept finding me. I had a good time, at the very least.

I spun around and belted myself in the eye somehow, though. I’m blurry in my left eye. Must have an eyelash in it or something. Soaked myself through. Can’t wait for Staple.